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HE continue stroking my clit i could feel it so hard, rubbing it up and down again and again..He then suck the other nipple and push my breast together and rub his face on my huge tits.And obviously when you sleep the dress tend to role up sometimes...

He drank that night though so I assume he was drunk. See how jerk he is, he should be embarrass of himself for fucking say such nasty words to his niece.Then he sucked my nipples together and squeeze my breast even harder this time.Then he slide his body down a little so he could start sucking my pussy..he then slowly pull down my boxer, it was a huge loose boxer so its very easy to pull it off..I woke up, got a shocked, and realize that it wasn't a dream and it was happening for real.

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While he was lifting up my dress, I could feel his finger on my nipple playing with it softly until it is fully harden, then he moved on to the other nipple and did the same thing.. And when both were hards he started rubbing them against his palm softly and gently..

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