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At the trial, the prosecuting attorney portrays Meursault's quietness and passivity as demonstrating guilt and a lack of remorse.

The prosecutor tells the jury more about Meursault's inability or unwillingness to cry at his mother's funeral than the murder.

Disoriented and on the edge of heatstroke, Meursault shoots when the Arab flashes his knife at him.

It is a fatal shot, but Meursault shoots the man four more times.

Raymond is taken to court where Meursault testifies that she had been unfaithful, and Raymond is let off with a warning.

After this, the girlfriend's brother and several Arab friends begin trailing Raymond.

L’Étranger (The Outsider [UK], or The Stranger [US]) is a 1942 novel by French author Albert Camus.

Le Monde ranks it as number one on its 100 Books of the Century.The Stranger's first edition consisted of 4,400 copies and was not an immediate best-seller.But the novel was well received, partly because of Jean-Paul Sartre's article "Explication de L'Etranger," on the eve of publication of the novel, and a mistake from the Propaganda-Staffel.He does not express concern that Raymond's girlfriend is going to be emotionally hurt, as he believes Raymond's story that she has been unfaithful.While listening to Raymond, he is both somewhat drunk and characteristically unfazed by any feelings of empathy.

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