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You know, a couple of months ago, when we had the last vote on Obama Care, people (INAUDIBLE). And people have ticked off, you know, when I went home to Texas and I had all my colleagues who went home, Republicans have promised for seven years, if you elect us, we will repeal this disaster.

I'll tell you now, I don't think we're done with it. I think we're a lot closer than many observers believe. CRUZ: I think those are the two big, big things we need to accomplish. And I am spending every waking moment now trying to bring Republicans together.

Is there any part of you that wanted to say I told you so to conservatives when he cut a deal? I'm speaking frequently with the president, speaking frequently with cabinet members.

CRUZ: Well, listen, in the primary, Trump was not my first choice. CRUZ: You know, I will say, if you look at the substantive policies we've seen in the first nine months, I think the substantive record has been quite strong.

I think we probably have 45, 46 votes in the Senate for meaningful Obama Care repeal that will expand choices, expand competition and lower premiums. Sitting down with conservatives and moderates and leadership and the administration and trying to say look, the way we get this done, let's focus on lowering premiums.

The biggest reason people hate Obama Care is their premiums have skyrocketed. I can't afford health insurance, because the average family's premiums have gone up over ,000 a year under Obama Care.

And the Health and Human Services Agency concluded that The Consumer Freedom Amendment would increase insurance coverage by 2.2 million people and decrease premiums by ,000 a year.

You should be able to choose whatever health insurance you buy for your family.As you know, I tried very hard, came close, but didn't win. I think Neil Gorsuch was a home run, the most significant thing President Trump has done. If we go from seven brackets down to three or down to two, that's an improvement. It's less than what I'd like, but it's moving in the right direction.I think the cabinet appointments have been very strong. Listen, if the administration makes some compromises, where they don't achieve 100 percent of what we want but we see more jobs, higher wages, less regulation, less spending, less debt, those compromises are fine.You know, you do--CRUZ: Look, compromise is perfectly appropriate if you're moving in the right direction. And you've certainly had your share of battles with Republican leaders. CRUZ: Listen, Steve Bannon is welcome to do what he'd like.As you know, I've always said, my approach on compromise is Ronald Reagan's. What I am trying to do is bring our party together to deliver results.

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