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These include staying away from areas within 30kms of Libya, Tunisia, Niger and Mali, sections of the Sahara.Although Algiers is fascinating, it would be a shame not to explore more of Algeria.If pointing at anything use your whole hand and not your finger.Finally, ensure you limit public displays of affection both for heterosexual and same sex couples (homosexuality is illegal in Algeria).Itll also give you the chance to haggle in the souks or order food in the streets.The Algerian people are delighted to see tourists in their country I was asked to be in quite a few photos with local people and are friendly and good humoured.

Algeria travel tips are best learned from a fellow traveler or one of our friends in Algeria which is why weve included a few choice pearls of wisdom to help you experience Algeria in the best way possible.Algeria's coast, including Algiers and Oran, has a fairly typical Mediterranean climate so expect it to be hot from Jun-Sep; however, certainly not as hot as the desert regions to the south where temperatures rocket to unbearable levels.The best time to visit Algeria for a Saharan safari is Apr-Mar or Oct-Nov as conditions are less fierce and the rest of the country is dry and relatively warm.Oct also coincides with the annual date harvest, whilst in spring the hillsides of the north bound with new life and there are far fewer crowds around key cultural sites and beach resorts.From the ancient amphitheatre in Djmila to Trajan's Arch in Timgad, no history tour of Algeria would be complete without finding out more about the Roman Empire's foray into North Africa.

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