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The loss of the vessel saw not only a Court of marine Inquiry, but also civil action against owners Huddard Parker, by the wife of the second engineer, lost in the disaster. [LPA],[LC],[LAH],[LG - has incorrect date of wrecking, 1892],[LV - refers to Richard (Ponting) as well as Robert],[#NH],[ASR],[DG] Alexander. Ashore at Apollo Bay, Victoria, during an easterly and broke up, 3 November 1883. The ladies sheltered him as best they could with their cloaks and umbrellas until a m,an and his St. The dog nestled close to Ponting and kept him warm while further assistance was sought. Known to have operated in eastern Victorian waters in the 1840s. Finally, around June 1840 a quantity of wreckage was found on the beach near Cape Schanck, on the Victorian coast, including some gold-lettered drawers, part of fittings for a chemists shop in Melbourne which had been consigned on board the Agnes. In June 1912, towed free the stranded steamer Leura in Lady Bay, Warrnambool. Left Sydney on a cruise to Melbourne, and was returning in thick weather when she ran on to Beware Reef off Point Hicks, eastern Victoria, 1 September 1926.

For the purposes of this listing, which includes over a thousand entries, Port Phillip and its entrance, the Rip, has been separated, as has Gabo Island to the far east of the state. Westernport and Phillip Island have been included in this main list. The vessels scuttled in Bass Strait have been included in the Port Phillip listing. Victoria, of all states, seems to have the most documented shipwreck data, in public format at least. Destroyed a drifting mine six miles from Cape Everard, eastern Victoria, 23 February 1919. Ran on to the Port Albert bar early in March and could not be refloated, March 1852.

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Captain Marr of the barque Britomart reported sighting wreckage drifting in Bass Strait that may have been from the missing vessel. Involved in collision with steamer Leura, Port Phillip Bay, 4 September 1908. Purchased by Port Phillip Sea Pilots in 1924 and renamed Akuna. On 11 February 1913, a vessel of this name was involved in collision with barque Arnoldus Vinnen, near Williamstown, Port Phillip.

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