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Quilting may have reached its apogee in the glorious appliqued quilts of 19 century Baltimore, but it was practiced nearly two thousand years earlier.

Quilted garments padded Crusader mail, quilted linens adorned Renaissance bedchambers, and quilted Evangelists were treasured at 15 century monasteries (Colby).

Quilting is a needlework technique involving two or more layers of fabric, usually sandwiched with padding of some sort, stitched together in a decorative pattern.

It appears to have originated in Asia sometime before the first century C. The first known quilted object is a quilted linen carpet dating from that time found in a Siberian cave tomb (Colby 1971).

These early quilts and quilted objects, and virtually all surviving quilting until the 17 century, were of linen stuffed with raw cotton; if wool flocking was ever used for anything besides perhaps armor, it was far too attractive to moths to survive (Colby).

The popular image of the quilt is of the quilt is modern, calico, and American. The problem with this familiar stereotype is that it doesn’t go far enough.A Merovingian tomb from the 5 century contained a wool twill pall quilted with Egyptian cotton (Rogers).Although the pall was obviously a luxury item, and almost certainly imported, it suggests that quilting was established enough in the Mediterranean to be traded to the less civilized north.The central motifs (primarily animals, with abstract spirals on the borders) are worked in the backstitch, while the background is diamond quilted in a coarse running stitch.Whether the Siberians developed quilting on their own or learned it from outsiders, its advantages in such a cold climate are obvious: warmth without bulk, strength without stiffness, useable in everything from clothing to saddlecloths, and unusual enough to be traded for luxury goods.

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