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When Jews were expelled from England in 1240, it is likely they were forced out of Ireland, as well.Two centuries later, Ireland’s Jewish community was reestablished when Spanish and Portuguese Jews, fleeing expulsion orders in those countries, made their way to Ireland.By 1901, there were an estimated 3,771 Jews in Ireland, and by 1904 there were approximately 4,800.Most of these immigrants lived in Dublin, giving Ireland its first-ever ethnically diverse neighborhoods.In 1871, there were 258 recorded Jewish residents in Ireland; by 1881 that figure had nearly doubled.When Russian pogroms targeted Jews in the late 1800s, Jewish immigrants began arriving in Ireland from Eastern Europe, particularly Lithuania.

In recent years, however, anti-Semitism has become conflated with anti-Zionism, causing a poisonous atmosphere for Ireland’s Jews.Official recognition of the part New York Jews played in Ireland’s national disaster finally came in 2010, when the then President of Ireland Mary Mc Aleese visited Shearith Israel synagogue in New York’s Lower East Side, formally thanking the congregation for its generosity 153 years before.Ireland’s Jewish community began to grow in the late 1800s.In Dublin, he met Irish nationalist and Sinn Féin founder (and later Irish President and Prime Minister) Éamon de Valera.De Valera turned to the rabbi for advice, and urged Rabbi Herzog to study Gaelic.

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