Santana and puck dating in real life

I was on the other end of the bitchiness back then. She does have some redeeming qualities, and a lot of what she does is all in good fun — typical high school stuff.

I definitely took from but more so from the actual bitches I went to high school with. I do have a little bit of her feistiness and sass in me, but I’m definitely not as quick to chop people down. I definitely think that’s a possibility, and I would love to explore that.

Half the stuff we do is us just joking around or ad libs like the pinky thing. Let’s talk about the “Like a Virgin” number in the Madonna episode.

Brad told us to do the pinky thing one time, but now we try to fit it in other scenes. You guys should take a cue from ’s Michael Urie and Becky Newton and start your own Web series and cabaret act. When I read it in the script, I was like, That was basically the first time I’d ever gotten a step-out solo part on any of the songs, so I was stoked for people to hear me sing.

After she took Finn’s virginity, Santana said, “I’ve noticed that it takes about 20 or so times before the feeling of accomplishment really kicks in.” Is she really that big of a slut, or is she all talk? There was a little moment you got to see that maybe she does regret being a teenage harlot. I know you’ve appeared on a number of sitcoms like , but what’s your musical background? I’d do little talent shows as a kid, and my mom would shuttle me back and forth between vocal rehearsals and training three times a week.

I didn’t think anything could top that, but then we did our Lady Gaga episode, and I got to do some cool stuff in that. As you can see, I’ve already gotten more stuff, and I do feel like I’m an asset to the show. Though no official announcement has come from the camp, it’s being reported by various sources that you and Heather will be promoted to regular status next season.

Yeah, I think that will be happening for me, so that will be very cool.

You recently tweeted, “My goal in life is to be a hybrid of Ryan Murphy and Oprah.” How’s that working out for you? [] I obviously have to dress better to be like Ryan Murphy.

It’s, like, the best deal ever.” Now a lot of people are hoping for Brittana make-out session. That would be nuts, but I don’t know if we can do that because it’s such a family show. I’m really up for anything, so maybe I’ll make their dreams come true. I remember not knowing who the third cheerleader was going to be and not knowing if she was going to be cool, but we hung out the first day I met her.

You and Heather Morris, who plays Brittany, are close in real life. We live close to each other, so now we hang out all the time. The chemistry that we have on-screen has stemmed from our real-life friendship.

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