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The Fontana Mechanical Pre-Treatment Self Cleaning Screen is designed to remove a wide range of solids found in domestic and industrial wastewater.After de-watering and compaction, the screenings are transported by a steel screw conveyor/chute and discharged in to a dumpster.The fully automatic stainless steel Fontana Microscreen Filter uses differential pressure between incoming and outgoing water levels to filter the suspended solids.The 304 or 316 stainless steel filter media is made from interchangeable half cylindrical segments attached to the filter drum frame.During Sensational She-Hulk, the character continued making numerous guest appearances.

The effluent is filtered outward through the stainless steel filter media, with the solids accumulating on the inside.She-Hulk becomes a member of the Avengers in Avengers #221 (July 1982).Her early Avengers appearances continued the running gag about her car troubles.Peter David commented on his blog that sales of the book were hurt due to discrepancies between his book and Jeph Loeb's Hulk series, caused by editorial error: I didn't even know she WAS going to be in Hulk.She-Hulk also appeared in the limited series, Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions (June to August 1982), in which numerous superheroes are kidnapped from Earth to fight in space.

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Simultaneously, as the heavy solids are being removed by the Self Cleaning Mechanical Screen, the influent continues to flow into the longitudinal Grit Chamber.

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