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But the photographer had something else in mind, Wallis later confided to a friend.

He told her he wanted to shoot her with Claude, Claude’s latest boyfriend, and the new young fitting model who Wallis feared might be taking her place with the mercurial designer.

But nobody, not even her family, seemed to have the slightest inkling of the depth of her despair. With her Louise Brooks bob, her lithe, androgynous body, and her raucous laugh, Wallis Franken was celebrated for her taste and style, but even more for her sparkling, care-free nature.

To the sophisticates of Paris’s couture world, who knew her so well, she was never in a bad mood, but always warm, full of ideas, and ready for a good time. Even though we all know she didn’t have an easy time, I never saw her anxious or depressed.

“You could see her person—there was a vulnerability in those eyes. ” says Mark Van Amringe of magazine’s Paris office.

High-fashion muse and model Wallis Franken Montana plunged from the kitchen window of her Rue de Lille apartment in May, leaving the Paris couture world in a state of shock.

The author investigates Montana’s tormented relationship with her husband, designer Claude Montana, the abusive “dark angel” who friends and family believe played a part in the American beauty’s death.

Her younger daughter, Celia, 24, who worked at the boutique, was also on hand to help out.

“She smiled a lot and talked to everybody,” says the TV producer, Alexandra von Schledorn.

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She had been his muse and his ally since he started out in the mid-70s, and she thought of him not only as a genius but also as her alter ego.“He’s was sort of like her fate, her dark angel,” says Wallis’s friend Maxime de la Falaise.

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